At Trifecta Services Company, people are our priority. In all of our work, two key principles guide us: Uncompromised safety and a client-first focus.

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As a turnkey contractor for demolition, decommissioning, and environmental remediation services, Trifecta Services Company has worked across industries completing projects in both the private and public sectors, from industrial facilities to hospitals, universities, military and government facilities, power plants, commercial and residential development projects and more. 


Every demolition project is different. Our team at Trifecta brings decades of industry experience to bear in order to ensure your project is completely safely, timely, and on budget.

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As part of any redevelopment or demolition project, decommissioning a current building safely is a complex, multi-step process. Having a professional, organized and safety-oriented turn-key contractor like Trifecta Services Company handle the decommissioning process ensures it gets done correctly and that you can have a build-ready site that’s safe and ready for your next project.

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Environmental Remediation

From cleaning up contaminated soil to hazardous materials abatement and removal to materials recycling, Trifecta Services Company is your expert resource for cleaning up complex environmental site issues.

Asbestos Abatement

Mold Remediation

Microbial Abatement

Oil Recovery

Freon Recapturing

Lead Abatement

RCRA waste

CERCLA waste

Impacted Soil and UST/AST Closure

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At Trifecta, we believe recycling is good not only for the environment, but also for business. Whether your project involves selective demolition designed to minimize landfill waste or maximize LEED credits, or perhaps your site has valuable scrap that can be recovered and used to help fund its transformation, Trifecta has you covered.

Ferrous Recycling

Concrete Crushing

C&D Separation

Non-Ferrous Recycling

LEED Credits

Oil and Freon Recycling

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At Trifecta Services Company, people are our priority. In all of our work, two key principles guide us: Uncompromised safety and a client-first focus.

From ensuring the safety of our workforce to serving as unflinching advocates for our clients, our number-one goal is to be the trusted, full-service, turnkey contractor you need for all of your preconstruction needs.

We currently hold Unlimited General Contracting Licenses in many states across the United States, leading and managing all preconstruction needs for our clients, cleaning up the past so that you can build a community’s future.


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Alcoa Rockdale

During our project at Alcoa our scope included: Decommissioning of Potlines 5-8, 56 transformers, 2,800 lf of overhead ore conveyor, 47 buildings and 37 tanks. The scope also included draining and recovery of all oils, asbestos abatement of numerous

Demolition, Environmental Abatement, Infrastructure

Alcoa TN Grading

Removal of concrete foundations, slabs and roads on a 30 acre site, the previous South Plant Smelter, to make way for a future Business Park. Following removal, material was crushed and placed as site fill to establish required grades. Site required

Demolition, Infrastructure

Allnex Column Demo

An Allnex facility located in Willow Island, WV required the removal of 2 90’ tall stainless steel columns (vessels). The columns had not been out of service for over 30 years and the plant had concerns over their structural stability. They were lo


Apex High School

Scope included: Demolition of existing multi-story high school. 350,000sf Asbestos abatement Demo required to be complete during summer break 3 story structure, built during different periods and different types of construction

Demolition, Environmental Abatement

College of Charleston RHSC

Project consisted of interior and structural demolition in preparation of a massive renovation project for the College of Charleston, located right in downtown Charleston, SC. More than 100,000sf of architectural and mechanical demolition brought thi


Duke Crowell Hall

120,000 sf renovation and modernization of historic Crowell building on Duke University Campus. While being one of the first buildings built on Duke’s campus, it also served as a main thorough fair for students traveling across campus. The 4 story

Demolition, Environmental Abatement

Durham PD Headquarters

In order for new construction to begin of the Durham Police Department Headquarters facility and adjacent 6 story parking garage, an entire city block required demolition and grading of the 4.5 acre site. The project consisted of installation of peri

Demolition, Environmental Abatement

Gormania Turbine Deck Demo

A Dominion Power facility located in Gormania, WV was in the process of being dismantled so that it could be relocated and reassembled in Georgia. In order for the structural steel to be dismantled, the concrete turbine deck had to be demolished. The

Demolition, Infrastructure

Gibbons Creek

Trifecta Services provided Hazardous Material Abatement and Demolition services for the Gibbons Creek 470 MW power generating facility located in Anderson, TX. The demolition consists of the Turbine Building, Boiler Structure, Primary/Secondary Crush

Demolition, Infrastructure


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