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Kell Hall

Kell Hall, a multistory building constructed in the 1920s, was demolished by Trifecta Services to allow for a new green space at Georgia State University’s downtown Atlanta campus. In addition to using conventional wrecking modalities to ensure the safe razing of the facility in a densely populated area, Trifecta Services ensured the environmental abatement of hazardous materials on the site....

Ore Bridge Demolition

Removal of of 520' Ore Bridge through implosion due to it's compromised status. The Ore Bridge was suspended 120' in the air over the top of an active conveyor systems that fed iron ore to a blast furnace that had to remain operation during the entire project. 80lf of the bridge was rigged to and cut in multiple sections then lowered to the ground to ensure the conveyor would not be compromised during the blast. Remaining bridge was loaded with explosives and imploded." ...

Mingle School Demo

Mingle School of Real Estate served as the Charlotte Board of Realtors office and real estate school for over 40 years. Due to the ever-growing City and emerging developments, the building and site proved too valuable and was slated for demolition. Trifecta Services Company was contracted to perform the asbestos abatement and complete demolition of the 4 story building. Following the abatement and complete interior gut of the building; Trifecta utilized our high reach excavator with concrete processor, to safely demolished the building from top down. This controlled method allowed...

Gibbons Creek

Trifecta Services provided Hazardous Material Abatement and Demolition services for the Gibbons Creek 470 MW power generating facility located in Anderson, TX. The demolition consists of the Turbine Building, Boiler Structure, Primary/Secondary Crushers and associated Conveyor, Main Feed Conveyor and associated Transfer Houses, Scrubber Structure, Ancillary Support Buildings, and Main Concrete/Brick Lined Stack (465’). Due to the size of the project and the height of certain structures, Trifecta Services utilized both Conventional and Explosive Demolition Means to successfully perform the Demolition of all structures. Conventional equipment that was utilized consisted...

Gormania Turbine Deck Demo

A Dominion Power facility located in Gormania, WV was in the process of being dismantled so that it could be relocated and reassembled in Georgia. In order for the structural steel to be dismantled, the concrete turbine deck had to be demolished. The deck consisted of 13,000sf of elevated reinforced concrete on metal decking. Care had to be take during the demolition process to not damage the supporting beams. 13,500sf of elevated concrete on metal decking 4 CMU build out control rooms Left structural beams intact for dismantling and re-use ...

Alcoa TN Grading

Removal of concrete foundations, slabs and roads on a 30 acre site, the previous South Plant Smelter, to make way for a future Business Park. Following removal, material was crushed and placed as site fill to establish required grades. Site required the installation of a retention pond, grading and seeding for future development. Our project team worked with Alcoa project managers, safety department and site manager to develop an approach to complete the work in a timeframe of only eleven months. Trifecta’s plan included: Excavate and stockpile soil to be used as...

Alcoa Rockdale

During our project at Alcoa our scope included: Decommissioning of Potlines 5-8, 56 transformers, 2,800 lf of overhead ore conveyor, 47 buildings and 37 tanks. The scope also included draining and recovery of all oils, asbestos abatement of numerous buildings, the removal and processing of over 15,000 tons of RCRA waste from 608 pots. Demolition and removal of Potline building contents for reuse of existing building by new tenants. Trifecta was able to recycle over 30,000 tons of metal including aluminum, steel, and copper....